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Thank you letter



I have typed the letter because the scan wasn’t very legible.




Military Family Support Group 10 Jan 12


Howdy from Afghanistan,


First off, thank you very much for the packages you have sent me/us. Your generosity is very much appreciated by the paratroopers of the 1-501st Infantry Battalion (ABN).


The hygiene items and sundries go out to the paratroopers who are in the small combat outposts (COP).

They usually have 3 to 5 showers to share with 150 of their closest battle buddies. More often than not, they use port-a-john’s. Some places, toilet paper has a premium value.


The cooks at these COP’s are doing an outstanding job with the limited resources, equipment and facilities at their disposal. The best meal I have had thus far was the Christmas Meal at COP Sabari. The guys (and gals) really do look forward to a hot, delicious meal after returning from a long day of patrols.


All the COP’s have coffee pots, but their coffee supplies are running low. We try and resupply them as much as possible, but some days that is a difficult task. We are getting mail fairly regularly out to the COP’s. It is always good to see smiles on the paratroopers’ faces when the mail arrives.


It is still wintertime here. The nights are chilly, but the warmth of the sun during the day is something to look forward to. Some of the COP’s have received a dusting of snow. Not like the 4 feet we are accustomed to at Fort Richardson, Alaska. Winter will hang around for the next two months before fiving way to spring and the rainy season. Before we know it, it will be hot and we will be wishing for the coolness of winter.


That is all for now. THANK YOU once again for your support and confidence you have for us. It does not go unnoticed. Till then, GODSPEED!!





SSG Chris

1-501st IN (ABN)

Chaplain Assistant


PS. The packages were intended for CH (CPT) Diaz from 1-26 Inf. He had redeployed when they arrived. We opened the packages, as noted on the Customs slip, and have distributed them to the paratroopers from 1-501st Inf (ABN).

PPS. Thank Sweet Tomatoes from me for letting you meet at their restaurant. I bet the pies are outstanding!

Thank You Letter

Thank you letters

Thank you

A Thank you from Chief Master Sergeant Jack Bass




20May 2012



Military Family Support Group,


My name is Chief Master Sergeant Jack Bass.


I am currently deployed to the Middle East with the U.S. Air Force.


About 2 weeks after my arrival here, my unit received several care packages from your organization. I can’t begin to tell you how much the packages have boosted the morale of my troops. The first couple weeks of a deployment are the hardest. The packages contained numerous items that made them smile and enjoy some small pleasures we normally take for granted.


I was very humbled to read in your letter that your organization has been doing this since 2003. Amazing!!!!!! What you are doing is no small task. It’s takes a lot of organizational & supervisory skills to pull this off for such a long time. It’s very touching to know after 10 years of war, the American public is still behind us.


Please extend my thanks to all of the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Patriot Guard Riders, church groups and ROTC units that assist with this project.


I have also to applaud the proprietors of Sweet Tomatoes for allowing you to use their restaurant to make the packages.


On behalf of my unit and all of the other units in the A0R that have received your packages for the last 9 years, I would like to say Thank you!!!!




Chief Master Sergeant Jack Bass


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